One World Telecommunications is proud to offer our Gallery Services to our customers. Gallery services are an easy-to-use way to manage an organized online photo album. In addition, you can use this system to host your eBay or other auction site photos. OWT Gallery Services is a free service to all customers that currently obtain their Internet access through OWT.


  • up to 250 photos per user
  • create albums to categorize your photos
  • color themes for each photo album
  • tools to enhance your photo such as brightness and contrast control, rotation, sharpness and edge trimming
  • individual captions for each photo
  • date sorting to keep your photos and albums organized
  • send Email invitations to friends and family
  • automatic re-sizing and compression of photos - photos saved as JPG files
  • supports most graphic formats including: JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, Pict, Targa, TIF and many others

Potential Uses:
  • Vacation photos
  • Let far away friends and family see new baby pictures
  • Wedding pictures
  • Share sports photos of your children with relatives
  • Host auction photos without fees
  • ...and MUCH more!

To use these services you must:
  • Be a valid OWT access customer - DSL, Dial-Up (PPP), ISDN, Wireless, Fiber or Frame Relay
  • Be using a web browser version released this century
    At least: IE 5.0, Netscape 6.0 or any version of Mozilla)
  • Have JavaScript enabled (you probably do)
  • Allow browser cookies (you probably do)