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This is a collection of Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Sharp bubble memory and related hardware. If you have bubble memory not in my collect and are interest in trading/selling/donation, please contact me. Enjoy! (remove #s) Last updated 02/07/2006.

Bubble Memory Collection
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Fujitsu FBM43CA bubble memory module with Westinghouse Label. I have extras for trade. (Thanks to Steve S.)

Fujitsu FBM43CA bubble memory module for a FM-8 microcomputer (MC6809 and Z80 processors, circa 1982)

A Rockwell RMS-122 bubble memory (2 RBM 256 modules:512K bits, non-volatile) expansion card for an AIM-65 computer. (On loan from Steve)

Hitachi bubble memory module used in the Sharp CE-100B

Factory-sealed Intel 1 MB bubble memory development kit with 7110A-1 module

A Sharp CE-100B magnetic bubble memory module designed for the Sharp PC-5000 portable MS-DOS compatible machine.

Texas Instruments Bubble Memory Module TMS9980 Motherboard from a TI model 763 data terminal (circa 1978)

Texas Instruments discrete component "single bubble" 11484 byte memory module. (Thanks Gary for the updated info!)

Pennwalt Decco Tiltbelt Multibus Bubble Memory Card

Motorola Bubble Memory Module. Appears to be pin compatible with Intel 7110A-1 bubble memory module.

Texas Instruments 11484 byte Bubble Memory Module

The Intel Magnetics 7110 is a very high density 1 megabit non-volatile, solid-state memory utilizing the magnetic bubble technology.
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